Markaz Public School Koyilandy


Play Grounds

The school has three grounds, spacious enough for three games at a time.


Play Parks

The students of  preschool and elementary school spend a good time playing and learning in the play parks. The swings, sea saws, merry go round,  swings etc adds a lot to the joy of students


Mosque And Prayer Hall

Campus mosque and girls’ prayer hall are being used not only for prayer, but to provide training and practice on religious orders such as ablution and Jamaath.


Science Lab

The well set up spacious composite lab has all the items required for the students practical experience with science and maths. Students are taken to lab by the subject teachers as needed.



ATL Lab is a venture of Central Government of India, flag shipped as  Atal Innovative Mission funded by Niti Ayog, set up in 1500 sqft hall.

Students get hands on experience with science and are trained to become innovators using advanced advance technological tools.


PHE Hall

Physical and Health Education is given good importance in the school. The PHE hall has various  tools and equipments required to the Physical education.



The school library has around 4000 books under different genre of literature.  The big share of the books are English story books of children’s taste.


IT Lab

School IT Lab provides IT learning to students. The Computer systems and display of IT related materials provide practical and concrete experience to students.